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Our Mission

Every child on this earth has an overwhelming desire to be loved, to be wanted, to be accepted and to be appreciated.  To the extent that we can fulfill this desire....will we find happiness ourselves?

The Andean Child Org is a worldwide family that support the projects in benefit of the children in the Sacred Valley, Cusco, Peru


Our organization’s main objective is to help children providing good nutrition and education at the school in the sacred valley

Our organic farm

Our main purpose is to eradicate the malnutrition of the students at the Sacred Valley, Cusco, Peru.

We have been delivering food from our organic farm to the kitchens at the schools, so they have warm, healthy food at their schools.

Sacred journeys to Peru

At the name of Paskay members, children and all the local people at the Andes of Peru, we all would like to send you our heartfelt appreciation for all your support.

Healing Jewelry

Each piece of jewelry is handmade of high-quality silver inlaid with genuine Andean semi-precious stones.

There is a relevant mystical cultural story that can be spoken with what Carlos has created and it is beautiful.

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1000 (116)
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