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Our Team

"Peace, to have meaning for many who have only known suffering in both peace and war,
must be translated into food, shelter, health, nurturing, empowerment and education, as well as freedom and human dignity."


We are nurturing, educating, empowering and inspiring underprivileged children to reach their full potential and make a difference in the world.
By helping us transform the Lives of Children you make a difference in the World and a positive investment in the future.

Carlos Gibaja

An Earth Angel helping in every way...

Carlos was born and raised in the Andes of the Sacred Valley of Cusco, where he first met Dr. Sharon when he was 12...

Cherald and Mike Tutt

Is a couple who opened their heart to the children in Peru, they being supporting the projects for the children in Peru since Cherald arrived to Peru on 2012.


Michelle Gerdes

A quote I live by is the words of Mother Teresa...

It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.

Janet Brister

A former OR Nurse and the author of Medical Tourism is on a mission to keep people safe when they go out of the country and pay for surgery.


Dr Sharon Forrest

I have had the honour of being Mama Sharon to hundreds and hundreds of Peruvian children since 1992. Most of these precious children currently reside in ‘communities’ which we help support in the high Andean mountains. We also assist numerous families in the villages of Ollantaytambo and the Sacred Valley as well as Lima. Please be sure to read about our Projects.

I felt duty-bound to start a non-profit, because I realized that I could no longer do it all alone. More children require sponsorship plus the severely deprived elders needed help.

One of the main purposes of Paskay’s Programs is to empower young people who will make the world a better place for others, not just for themselves.

The impact of today's most powerful "social entrepreneurs" is rooted in who they were as young people. Guided by values they fully embrace; empathy, integrity and compassion, then went on from this essential foundation to teamwork and leadership. We encourage our youngsters to become caring, powerful change-makers, so that nothing can stop them in life. Developing these kinds of young leaders is Paskay’s greatest Mission. Carlos, Maria Lilliana, Cristian, Sister Yudid, Padre Rene, Marlene, Janet, Washi and Eddy, to name a few, are prime examples. Please go to SUCCESS STORIES to read about a few of our heart-warming success chronicles.

As you can see, much work needs to be done. The world would lose some of its brightness if the light of these children were not shining out into it.

More of the exceptional children that Paskay supports will come of age in time to take leadership roles in the completely transformed world predicted to come to pass over the next dozen years. We are proud and honoured that the ones mentioned above already have and are making a huge difference!

Let us welcome them. Let us support them. They are our future.

Robert Bermant 

He is the creator of Soul7 which is a unique Health & Wellness Clinic located in Toronto, Canada.

Donna, Danis and Maya Girls

We jumped in with our hearts, used love, trust and faith in each other as our currency and became part of a beautiful process.

Beb Hartford

Fold in love with the land and people of Peru and am grateful to be able help a wonderful little girl fulfill her dreams.

Agnes lau

This is a gratitude message for your constant support, receive a warm hug on behalf of the Native children.

“Pachamama hold you in her warm hands as her beloved child”.

Infinite Earth Soul

Kristen and Michele have been helping our Organization in Peru to do the projects for the children of the Andes.

Lauren Galey 

Founder of Acoustic Health

Enjoy free Quantum Conversations designed to EMPOWER You, Remind You of Your Personal Sovereignty, Open Your Heart and Expand Your Consciousness.

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