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Carlos Gibaja Tapia

Carlos Gibaja is the president and co-founder of Paskay Org for the Andean Children.


Carlos has been helping develop communities since he was very young, for about 20 years already. Carlos was born and grew up in the Andes of the Sacred Valley of Cusco. Because he lived in circumstances similar to the children he now supports, he understands very well the way of life, the needs, and feelings of the children in his area.


Carlos also runs other businesses, one of them is a spiritual tour business called the “Eagles and Condors” He also designs and creates sacred symbol jewellery.  He uses a large percentage to support the social projects in Peru.


Carlos, our knight in shining armor, intuitively knows when someone is going through the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’. He rescues them from danger and despair and gives them a new and significantly improved life.  Carlos is the compassionate, hardworking angel who oversees all our programs in the Sacred Valley.

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